Panicking My Way Through Life: Coping With Panic Disorder

Hey World!

Today I am doing a collab with the wonderful Lauren from I’m Fine, Stop Asking. She has an amazing blog and you should all go and read her inspiring content! This post that she has written is absolutely amazing and has some tips that I will now carry with me  forever. Thank you Lauren! and without further ado here is her post:

P.S I have also written a post on her blog so feel free to go read it!

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Been Gone A While…

Hi World,

I’ve been gone a really long time. Mostly because I thought I was getting better, I guess I dared to imagine a life where anxiety doesn’t consume my entire life. Recently I haven’t been quite so lucky…

All was going averagely well at school until both family life and school life because more intense than I could’ve ever imagined.

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The Reality Of Anxiety

Hi Friends,

Haven’t blogged in a while, but honestly, I haven’t felt like it. Today I thought I would discuss the reality of anxiety, because it’s not an excuse, it’s not a way to describe an emotion occasionally, it is not a joke. Its real, its scary and it is currently controlling every single aspect of my life, and has done for a long period of time.

I’m not writing this to complain, to ask why this has happened to me, because that’s not really a burden I wish to place on your shoulders. It is however a stigma that is slowly becoming more and more acknowledged, but it’s too slow for me. I never have been a very patient person.

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My Abstract Thoughts on Life after Death

Hi all!
I’m Elm, and I blog over at Just Call me Elm or Something and I’m so happy to be doing a collab with the wonderful Emma!

If I offend anyone in this post, I’m really sorry. These are simply my ramblings on what I think of life after death – and my first question to you is, is it life if it’s after death, or something else?

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It’s All Getting A Bit Much…

Hi Friends!

Haven’t blogged in a while, been very isolated and not interested in what I usually love. I’ve missed you all, your support and your open discussions with me, but I had to take some time for me, it’s been a big struggle recently. I wanted to come back to blogging and update you on what’s been happening.

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What Do I Want To Do?

Hi Friends!

Throughout school they talk a lot about choosing your career, and expect you to know what you want to do immediately, especially when you choose your options for your exams, and do work experience and things, you supposedly need to have a goal, something to work for and something that you can never change your mind upon.

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Coping With Anxiety In School

Hey Friends!

I felt like doing a post today, I’m listening to my favourite songs and I’m feeling really relaxed which is a good time to plan for anxiety. Today I want to talk about having anxiety in school, it’s really hard sometimes, especially when its a bad day and a panic attack occurs!

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It’s Okay To Not Be Okay

If I can be happy for at least one day a week, that week is worth living. If I can be happy for one week a month, that month is worth living. If I can be happy for one month a year that year is worth living. If I can be happy for that long then I will always have happy moments. Not every moment needs to be sad. Be happy when you can and embrace opportunities.  ~ Me ~ 1.09.2016

Hey Friends!

I’ve started off with a thought I often refer to. I feel like the whole society we live in either expects us to be fully happy or really sad and depressed, and for some people this is the case because they have two sides, but sometimes I feel like moments of my day are happy and moments are sad. Individual events can change your mood in seconds, so why should we be limited to one emotion at a time? I have had days where it’s seemed really happy and then suddenly everything’s twisted and I’ve been at my worst, simply because of the events that have occurred.

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How To Deal With Spoilt Friends

Hey Friends!

A few weeks ago I made a post about a “friend” (>>>Link HERE<<<) and how she was spoilt and the things she did to me I didn’t find acceptable in a friendship. This week I thought I would do an advice post because I want to give you advice if you need it.

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